Bozeman coach Loren Tillman talks about the advantages of having his players compete in 7 on 7 passing drills Tuesday night.

Callaway, FL-- Down to the prep level and a way area coaches are working to keep their football players involved during the dog days of Summer. How about a 7 on 7 passing competition. Some 6 area teams hitting the field at the Callaway Sports Complex Tuesday night, those teams, Mosley, Bay, Bozeman, Port St. Joe, Wewa and Franklin.
This helping the skill position players work on their plays and timing. The linebackers and dee backs working on their assignments.

Loren Tillman
Bozeman Head Coach

"You don't really focus on winning and losing out here, it's the reps. That's the biggest thing for us, that we're able to, the coaches are on the field with the players and you're able to coach in between plays. Make adjustments, kind of be in their head to what their thought process is, making sure they're going through the steps that they need to on each play and giving them instant feedback."

As for Fall practice, that officially opens August 8th.