Bucks Get Into Hitting This Spring

Sand Hills, FL---For some area high school teams, the pads went on Saturday, others waiting until Moday to start the hitting.

The Bozeman Bucks falling into the former category, going at it despite the cold, hard drizzle that fell Saturday morning.

Coach Loren Tillman deciding you might as well work them in the kind of conditions they could end up playing in.

Saturday during practice, we asked Tillman about his numbers this spring and he seems pleased.

"Right now we've got 36 out. We've got several boys that are not going through spring with us. That's actually pretty good numbers for 1-A. Usually we tote around 33, so to have about 40 boys in our program and about 36 out, that's right where we want to be."

Those missing players still with the baseball team, quarterback Bubba Thompson and linebacker Reed Ruddick among them.

The Bucks will join their county brethren for the jamboree at Tommy Oliver on the 17th.