Bucks Hoping To Muscle Their Way To Success For 2013

Sand Hills, FL--- It may be hard to believe, but the high school football season is right around the corner. It kicks into gear this week with Fall Classics and Jamborees.

For the Bozeman Bucks, they're looking to improve upon a very successful 2012 season. The Bucks 8-2 last season, district runner up, followed by a first round playoff loss.

In order to repeat or even improve on all that, the Bucks are going to have to find a new identity on offense. Gone is all everything quarterback Jacob Martinez, he's now at the University of Buffalo.

He ran and passed for the vast majority of yards and points last season.

This year, they'll spread the ball around a bit more, with senior David McKee, who shined in the spring jamboree, and is likely to carry a heavy load.

"It's definitely gonna be, we have a bunch of returning lineman, a lot of it's gonna be, with me as a new running back, there's gonna be a lot on the line". McKee goes on to say "Opening holes and then running our plays how they're supposed to be run. Can't have errors, Jacob could juke his way out of it, this has gotta be perfect."'

Bozeman Head Coach Lorne Tillman agrees with McKee's thinking. "I think the guys that played line last year really sold out in the weight room because they know that there's more riding on them. Last year you could miss a block, Jacob Martinez still gonna make you look good. This year we're gonna have to be a lot better up front, we are a lot better up front! We feel good, we'll look different, the results hopefully will be the same."

The Bucks will travel south to Arnold Friday for a fall classic, 7 o'clock at Gavlak. Then next week they open the regular season with a long road trip to Northview, the defending 1A champs.