Bucks Hoping to Surprise Many In 2014

SAND HILLS, FL-- Our ongoing series of visits to area schools in advance of the 2014 season continues with a look ahead at the Bozeman Bucks.

Bozeman yet another area program under the guidance of a new head coach. Lyle Messer stepped in to fill the vacancy left behind by Loren Tillman, who moved south to Wewa.

Coach Messer did guide the Bucks through spring and summer, and he's pleased with the effort of the kids. He knows his numbers are down a bit, even for a 1A program, but at least psychologically, they'll try to use that as an advantage.

"When we first came in we knew it was gonna be tough." coach Messer told us. "We lost a lot of kids. We lost a lot of our size up front. But we knew from the beginning that it was going to be a challenge. That's part of the fun. Nobody expects us to do much of anything this year. I'm sure we're a win on most everybody's board. So we've kind of taken that as a challenge right there. To prove that we're better than what people are giving us credit for. I think we've improved along to the point I thought we could. So it's been a lot of fun."

Coach Messer said he wants to play a more up-tempo kind of offense, and believes he has the pieces to do it.

Bozeman gets things going Friday night by hosting Arnold in a kickoff classic. They begin the regular season by hosting Northview.