Bucks Working Through Week 1

Sand Hills, FL--You could say Bozeman is a rare area football team that seems unaffected by the rainy weather.

Thanks to the fact they're on ground that has rather porous sand underneath, well the rain drains rather nicely up there.

Coach Loren Tillman says he's not having any problems at all keeping his guys on the field.

That's a plus, as is the fact that he's dealing with some 37 players, most of whom he says, worked very well together in the spring and summer.

And on top it all, Tillman says it's a senior laden bunch!

"And most of those senior class are skill guys. We have a quarterback that rushed for over 14 hundred yards and scored 19 touchdowns, and threw for another 800 coming back. We've got a defensive end that was a second team All-State, that's already committed to a division one school, coming back. And their work ethic, the whole senior class, speed, that would probably be the biggest surprise, that team speed that Bozeman has."

The Bucks just over two weeks from their preseason classic which they'll play on the road at Franklin.

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