Buc's Dealing With Two Unexpected "Losses"

Panama City, FL---The North Bay Haven football team is dealing with two losses that have nothing to do with the actual scores of any games they've played so far this season.

The Buc's who host Cottondale Friday on the home field at Pete Edwards, forced to forfeit it's two wins this season because 4 former Arnold students and a former Arnold coach were part of the program's first four games.

That coach, Bryan Normand, hired at Bay Haven as a baseball coach, is no longer helping with the football program.

The state rule though is players can't follow a coach from one school to another. And even though three of the four student's went to Bay Haven ahead of that coach, the rule is the rule. So Bay Haven A.D. Debi Funkhouser says the school paid a fine, and is forfeiting wins over Rocky Bayou and Freeport.

Since coach Normand willingly stepped away from the football program, those four players are still eligible to play, and coach Hale says they, and the entire team are dealing with all this in a positive way.

"I just told them, I tell them all the time, setback to comeback, negative to positive. We had an incident occur to the family of our football team and they handled it in a great way. Kind of shocked them at first but we had a great practice yesterday. Found out yesterday, they responded with a great practice. They're great kids, we couldn't ask anything more of them in that situation. We won on the field, we won two football games out of the five, and that's the way we're looking at it, so."

Coach Hale says since they believe they didn't violate the spirit of the state's rule, they are looking into the possibility of appealing the forfeits. But no matter what Hale says the team's looking ahead. And that starts with Friday's game against the Hornets.