Calvin Pryor Talks About Signing Big Money Rookie Deal With Jets

New York, NY---Calvin Pryor has to chuckle a bit when first asked what it's like to sign a contract with millions of dollars attached.

He did just that Tuesday afternoon as we spoke by phone about that rookie deal, and how he's progressing so far with his NFL team, the New York Jets.

As we told you Monday night, Pryor, the 18th overall pick in last month's draft, signed his rookie contract with the New York Jets. It's a four year deal worth more than $8.5 million, with $4.5 million up front as a signing bonus.

Getting back to our phone conversation Tuesday afternoon, my first question was about that contract and what it felt like to put his name to a contract with those incredible numbers attached!

"(laughs) It was unbelievable man." Pryor responded. "It's kind of crazy because I never thought I'd get to this point. But when you hear about, when you're talking millions, it kind of sinks in. It kind of hits you. And I took a little while to sign you know. At first some things were kind of complicated between the people in the Jets organization that did my contract, and my agent. But they all talked it out, came to an agreement. And once I finally signed, it was just a sigh of relief and now I'm able to just go out and focus on football now."

Pryor then talked about his dealings with a financial adviser, that in fact started before he left Louisville. He says he has no intention of running out of money after his football days are over, and he's working with that adviser to find good, solid investments.

Calvin did tell me he's already bought himself an Audi, but if other lavish gifts are to come, it will be gifts for his mother and father. He is thinking of perhaps a car, and even as he put it "a really big house for them."

For now Pryor is living in a hotel with other Jets players and he says he likes that, he's getting to know other players by hanging out with them. In the next few weeks though he will find an apartment or condo up there to rent.

And before our conversation ended, Calvin asking me to give a specific shout out to his football coach at St. Joe Vern Barth, who's now at Bay.

Calvin says "coach Barth means everything to me. Coach Barth got this all started! I love you coach!"

We'll hear more from my conversation with the Jets rookie safety all week long here on Newschannel 7.