Calvin Pryor signs with Louisville

PORT ST. JOE, Fla- Calvin Pryor signed with second year coach Charlie Strong and his Louisville program Wednesday. That means he'll play ball in the Big East.

Like T.J. Lowder at Bay, Pryor did it all, rushing for over 12 hundred yards, another 400 plus receiving and 18 total touchdowns. On defense, 79 tackles, 5 picks. He's also a star basketball player, so a very gifted athlete heading up to Louisville.

"I was getting recruited by Louisville a little bit, but then Coach Strong came in and I thought it would be a great opportunity to play for him," Pryor said. "I felt like he was going to put me in a position where I could succeed in life. I felt like it was a big opportunity and I should just stick with it."

"Minute after minute in every game, whether it be on the football field, or in basketball, or watching on the diamond in baseball it's just been an honor and a privileged to coach him," Port St. Joe head football coach Vern Barth said. "To watch him along his journey, and watch him grow up and move forward to the University of Louisville."

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