Cam Newton finally sits down to talk about the controversy surrounding him in the latter half of this season.

Auburn Cam Newton continues to get attention off the field as his team prepares for its SEC championship game.

Though Cam Newton is still hiding from the media at large, he did grant an interview to ESPN's Chris Fowler while the two were down in Orlando for Thursday night's Home Depot College Football Awards. Chief among the messages he delivered in the interview that he quote "did no wrong" in choosing to attend Auburn. He said he decided to play for the Tigers because "Auburn possessed what's best for Cam Newton." Newton's father Cecil was found by the NCAA to have asked for money from Mississippi State in exchange for a letter of intent from his son. The NCAA concluded a violation of Newton's amateur status had occurred, but ruled Cam Newton had no knowledge of his father's actions, which led to his reinstatement, a day after Auburn had declared him inelgible the week of Iron Bowl.
Cam Newton said quote "everything I've done at this university, I did it the right way. I'm a person that did no wrong." unquote.
He goes on to say he's never asked his father what transpired between him and Mississippi State but quote "at the end of the day, I can look him in the eye and know he has my best interests at heart." unquote. Your basic see no evil, hear no evil speak no evil defense!