Cam Newton talks about Auburn's preps as the BCS Championship gets a bit closer.

To football and believe it or not we still have to wait another 5 days before we finally get to see the Gene Chizik and his Auburn Tigers take on Oregon for the BCS national championship out in Glendale Arizona. That happens Monday night.
The Tigers are now out in the Phoenix area, flying west over the weekend. They're through their 2nd practice out there, very important practices given just how incredibly long a break it's going to be between the SEC title game and Monday's matchup with the Ducks.

Cam Newton
Auburn Quarterback

Listening to our coaches and trying to execute the plays that are given to us. And trying to learn more about our opponent each day. You know we have so much time off, it's about a month and a half since our last football game but it still doesn't take into effect that we have to have excellent timing because with this team they're very explosive you know we can't wait until the second or third quarter to get going, you know we gotta get going right off the bat."

Newton by the way saying Wednesday his father will attend Monday's game. Cecil Newton's kept a low profile, and even skipped the Heisman ceremony after it came out he tried to sell his son's services to Mississippi State.

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