Cam Newton talks about getting back to his teammates after several days traveling on the awards circuit.

Cam Newton smiles as he hold his Heisman Trophy.

Let's hear from Auburn quarterback Cam Newton now. He spent much of last week travelling around the banquet circuit picking up some items like the Heisman Trophy. Earlier this week he was asked if all that travelling had left him a bit drained, he said it did, and it was good to be back among his teammates.

Cam Newton
Auburn quarterback

"You know anytime I get back with this team I feel revived because I look at it as if we are a close-knit family and there's no place I'd rather be than instead of with this team."

Among the other questions tossed his way this week, as he looks back at his incredible record setting season, and so many big plays, does one stick out...does he look back at one play and say that was his favorite?

(Cam Newton)
"Well I hope my favorite play comes during this BCS Championship game. You know I still have one more game to play and I probably could tell you after this game."

Newton and the Tigers take on Oregon in the BCS title game January 10th in Glendale Arizona.

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