Canfield Resigns as Mosley Volleyball, Basketball Coach

Lynn Haven, FL---Mosley High School is going through a rather sudden change within it's volleyball and girl's basketball programs.

The man who coached both those teams at Mosley the past 8 and ten years respectively, Steve Canfield, has been asked to resign and did so Wednesday.

Mosley principal Sandy Harrison says the move is the result of frequent and ongoing complaints about the coach's tone towards the girl's in recent years.

Harrison stresses there's no hint of any physical contact, just what she terms an "overzealous nature" to his coaching style.

She adds this isn't an instance of her reacting to just a few complaints from parents. And it's certainly not about complaints about playing time or things like that.

She says on top of numerous complaints about the coach, she's working off her own observations over her 6 years as principal, adding coach Canfield has been asked in the past to "tone it down."

Harrison says she realizes she's removing an educated and successful coach, but sincerely believes it's in his best interest as well as the the school and the girls in those programs.

I did speak with coach Canfield Wednesday, he confirms he did hand in his resignation, calling it a very tough day. He says he will speak about his removal at a later date.

As hoops coach, Canfield with 172 wins over ten seasons, 6 girls to scholarships. Under his guidance, the Mosley volleyball team posted 4 20 win seasons and a district title in 8 years.

Harrison says she's named assistant volleyball coach Michelle Mask to interim head coach.

No doubt about it, Wednesday a tough day all the way around for Mosley.

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