Charlie Weis intends to stay close to his troops this season.

Gainesville, FL-- To college ball and Saturday it's the debut of Will Muschamp and his new coordinators, Dan Quinn on defense and Charlie Weis on offense. Both coordinators will be coaching from the sidelines come saturday, Weis in particular seeing the need to be close to his guys.

Charlie Weis
Florida Off. Coordinator
¶"I've been upstairs and I've been downstairs and there are pros and cons with both of 'em. Upstairs you can see the field so much better and you're away from all the distractions. Downstairs you get to finger the pulse for the players and you know what has to be said when sometimes they get those faraway eyes. where you have to go back and snap 'em back into reality. You can't see that when you're upstairs."

Q-B John Brantley in particular needing to have Weis close given it's a whole new offense to learn.