Chipley Senior Inspires Tigers Baseball Team

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And I'm guessing the Tigers are keeping things in perspective.
Among the reasons for that. the participation of one senior Tiger in particular.
As Greg tells us, Hunter Crews may not have been one of the more talented Tigers on the diamond, but he certainly was one of the more inspirational.

The stat book shows no runs driven in, no outs recorded, no at-bats even attempted by senior Hunter Crews.

What the numbers also fail to show? No one's impact is more important to Chipley's success.

"Hunter is a very unique kid." Chipley head coach Andy Compton tells us. "The physical attributes may not be where it is athletically, but he's somebody who give it everything he's got, and loves it."

Senior player Jordan Finch has high praise for Crews as well.
"I mean he defines our team. He may get down at times but you know. You never see him quit smiling."

Adds Compton, "When our kids see him go out there and do everything he can do, if it doesn't make them better, than they don't need to be out here."

Hunter's autistic, but refuses to let that hold him back in his love of sports. After two years of football, Crews' wanted see what he could do for the baseball team.

"Trying to get them motivated," says Crews "I don't want to see them pouting or nothing like that. Or mad. I just want them to win."

Hunter cheared his teammates harder than anyone, even while never seeing the field. Until senior night.

Compton begins the story "We got to the bottom of the 6th...."

Senior Dallas Oliver picks it up from there."Coach says do anything you possibly can to get Crews up, to get him on the bases.

Compton continues "And they threw a pitch inside, and he just stood there and took it. And Hunter pinch-ran."

"Coach Compton told me that Dallas got on and get out there, I was so excited." says Crews.

"He got to second base" says Compton "and Shelby Savell got a single and he scored from second."

"To see your teammates very happy that you scored," Crews says "and you see all your friends and family up there chanting your name, it was very good to me."

"Next to going to state that was my top moment of the year." Finch tells us.

"You see somebody that just plays his heart out, he's Crews, and we just love him no matter what." says Oliver.

Where his skills lack, Hunter's heart comes through, giving it all to those he calls teammates second, and friends first.

"I want them to feel special. And I don't want them to feel bad about ourselves. Without good friends like them I wouldn't be nothing."