Chipley basketball star is playing in honor of his Dad

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CHIPLEY, Fla- The Chipley Tigers are one of the best teams in the state, and Alex Hamilton is one of the key players on the team. He's playing the rest of this season in honor of his father who passed away last year.

Bay High Girl's Basketball Coach George Hamilton suffered a stroke on November 30th of last year. His son Alex Hamilton plays for the Chipley Tigers. He got the news of his dad's stroke while he was in class, and It was hard news to hear.

"When I first heard it I just couldn't believe it...I was just shocked," Alex said.

After 4 days in the hospital Coach Hamilton passed away at age 44. Before he was gone Alex had a chance to talk to his dad.

"He told me he loved me, go play ball," added Alex. "Do what you do, and play defense."

Those last few precious moments are what drive him today. Alex's dad was his hero, he taught him everything he knows about life and about the game he loves.

"Me and my dad we were real close you know. It's hard to see him go. We had that relationship where we could talk about anything. Then basketball brought us closer together."

Alex has always wanted to be the best, but now he's more driven than ever, he's not only playing for himself and his teammates, his playing to honor his father

"Do everything he wanted me to do. Live right, play right. Do everything he wanted me to do. Be the man he wanted me to be."

Alex will always have great memories of his father, and he believes he's watching every time he plays. He'll never forget what he always used to say.

"Yea he's watching but he's probably just saying get back on defense."

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