Chipley comes south to Arnold to try and stay perfect on the basketball season.

Panama City Beach, FL--We start with high school basketball and a 3-A district one matchup between Chipley and Arnold. The Tigers coming in a perfect 15 and oh, they are the cream of the 3-A crop in this region, no doubt about it. Could the Marlins hang with them? Well things begin well for the home team, Doug Lott picks off the pass, thinks about passing it off, but then decides to take it in himself and he scores. Tigers respond, first it's Alex Hamilton shooting from the corner, first shot no good, he gets the rebound and puts it back.Then it's AJ Rouhlac looking casual at the top of the key, he strokes the three pointer and connects.
Marlins working hard to get back the momentum, but it's Hamilton again, this time the steal near midcourt and the one handed slam, Tigers by 8. Arnold comes back with the nice drive by Blake West, but Hamilton counters with a similar move and bucket, Tigers up at the half 31-17, they go on to win by 19, 50-31, Hamilton leading the way with 24, Chipley moves to 16 and oh.