Chipola, Gulf Coast Meet Saturday Night

Panama City, FL---Saturday marks the final round of panhandle play. Chipola and Gulf Coast will go head to head.

The men's game just for pride, as Chipola's already nailed down the state runner up berth behind conference champ Northwest Florida.

The women's game a different story. The Lady Raiders are finished at 9-3 in conference. Gulf Coast is 8-3, and if they win they'll be 9-3 and be conference champs based on beating Northwest 2 out of 3.

A Chipola win leaves them tied with Northwest at 9-3 but the Lady Raiders won two of their three games so they would be champs.

At any rate, it's a big game at 5:30 tomorrow night at the Harrison Field House.

We asked coach Skeete how she feels her team is playing going in, and got a laugh in response.

"(laughs) Depends on which hour of the day you're asking me. The good thing about where they are they understand where I'm trying to go and we can adjust. I'll say that. It's easy for us to adjust in the second half because they can get my mentality a little bit better now, my philosophies, what I'm trying to accomplish. They see my vision and they understand it a little bit more."

That women's game at 5:30 Saturday, the men play at 7:30.