Chipola Basketball team poised for Conference run

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MARIANNA, Fla- The Chipola Indian basketball team is off to a hot start this season. They've started the conference schedule 6-0, and are poised for a run at the conference title.

"Probably couldn't have asked for a better start all the way around the board. The biggest thing so far has been our guys work ethic everyday, and in practice," Head Coach Jake Headrick said. "That's a tribute to them, because it's not always easy when you're having success to keep up the hard work everyday, and this group has so far. "

Coach Headrick has his Chipola Indians playing great basketball right now. They are on an 8 game winning streak, which includes their first 6 conference games. But they aren't overlooking anyone.

"I just think hard, I think focus, I think respecting everybody in the league. It's hard to beat somebody three times. Natural reaction is to say well I've beat them twice, but it's hard to beat somebody three times. It's hard to beat somebody twice. So I think it's the focus level, respecting your opponent, and the hard and preparation," Headrick said.

Coach says it's his team's chemistry that's making the difference this year.

"Every night has been a different guys night, and our team has supported that," added Headrick. "That's the part that has made me the most happy, because I feel like winning, and winning as a team has been what's important to them."

The goal is always the same at Chipola, Win! If his team can continue playing they way they've been playing they'll reach that goal easily.

The Indians take a 20-2 record into Tuesday night's game against the Raiders.

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