Chocolate Milk A Magic Elixir For Triathletes?

Panama City Beach, FL---It's just about time for the 15th Ironman Florida Triathlon, which is set for Saturday with the Boardwalk Beach Resort serving as race headquarters, and the start finish-line.

When you race in, or attend these kinds of events, you always notice corporate sponsors pushing a variety of products.

One such example that may surprise you is chocolate milk becoming the official "refuel beverage" of the Ironman circuit.

Turns out, it has a variety of electrolytes and vitamins that help athletes recover quickly from endurance type events.

"I love chocolate and just after I would race or train," says Jill Kralovanec, one of Team Refuel's triathletes "I would crave chocolate milk. It was just, 'I'm not hungry. I don't want food. I just want my chocolate milk'"

Another Team Refuel Triathlete Rick Klovuchar adds "Well I think you can rehydrate with just about anything. You can rehydrate with water or any of the other sports drinks out there, but it's more than just re-hydrating. It's about getting all the nutrients back in your body and actually getting your muscles to rebuild and recover. And I think that's where chocolate milk really stands heads and tails above the rest."

The milk folks point to studies conducted by scientists and sports nutritionists at credited universities that back up the claim triathletes performance improves when drinking chocolate milk.

The 2013 Ironman Florida starts at 6:50 in the Gulf behind the Boardwalk Beach Resort. The bike and swim courses are below via these links: