Choctaw. Wins Semi, Moves Into 6A Championship

Lakeland, FL---The Choctaw. girl's basketball team will play again, play one more time this season, with the final game coming in the 6A championship game.

Coach Don Brown and his team taking it's 30-0 record on to the floor at the Lakeland Center Thursday and coming up with a 55-48 win over Winter Haven in the 6A state semifinals.

Choctaw. played Winter Haven to a 26-26 tie through the first half, and the game was for the most part a one possession game in the third and fourth quarters. Choctaw. was able to grab a 4 point lead with a bucket inside the paint by Lauren Day with 30 seconds to play.

Winter Haven responded with a three point shot in the corner but the ref ruled the shooter had stepped on the line while shooting, which nullified that shot. Winter Haven's coach objected loudly, and was given a technical and ejected from the game.

That allowed Choctaw. to extend the lead, and get the eventual 55-48 victory. Day scored 18, and Brittany Brown led the way with 26, even though she shot just 6-26 from the field. It's the first time ever the Lady Indians have made it to the state title game.

Coach Don Brown's team now 31-0, and here what he had to say shortly after the game.

"Well it's tremendous. Team is what we've been preaching all year. They've done a tremendous job of keeping each other on board and following each other and pulling each other along. Lauren Day did a tremendous job of keeping us in that ballgame at the beginning and she had a great day today."

That title game will be Saturday at 1:35 eastern time at the Lakeland Center and it comes against Edgewater, a team out of the Orlando area.

The attached video shows the following:

The Lady Indians in green, and going early to their senior leader, Brittany Brown, she drives here and scores.

A bit later she drives, but then kicks it out to Lauren Day who hits for three.

The game tied at 26 into the half. It stays basically a one possession game for the third and 4th quarters, this is the final period, Brown drives the baseline and scores.

The after the nice crossover she connects for three, and despite 6-for 26 from the field, Brown scores 26, Day hits for 18.