Choctaw. and Arnold go at it on the volleyball court.

Panama City Beach, FL-- To the gym over at Arnold High School, the Lady Marlins Wednesday night hosting Choctaw. and honoring breast cancer awareness month with a "pink-out" of sorts. The players wearing some pink, and many of the fans showing their support by wearing pink.
Even pink volleyballs being used. Let's pick up the action in game one, Arnold in the near court, and working it up to Emma Moskowitz who gets the kill with the hard righthander.
Later, it's Choctaw in the near court, and here they get the nice shot from their #13, Taylor Havens.
But Arnold, back to the near, later working the big block at the net, the combo of Brooks and Booker. Arnold wins that first game 25-16, they win the next two 25-18 and 19. They move to 15-8.