Choctaw and Mosley Played a key District Game on Thursday Night

PANAMA CITY, Fla- It was a big high school football game at Tommy Oliver Stadium Thursday night. Choctaw and Mosley playing a key district football game.

The Indians 2-1 in district play coming in, Mosley 3-2 and The winner here in a very good spot for playoff hopes...1st quarter action and it's a long drive by Mosley capped off with this Ryan Rodgers off the right side, and and weaves his way into the end zone for the 6-0 lead...XP no good.

Now 7-3 into the second and again a long drive, is finished with the jet play, this time to Daniel Rebstock into the zone for the TD, Mosley with a 13-3 lead...

But with about 7 minutes left Choctaw comes to life, a nice drive was kept alive with a 4th down conversion and set up this pass from Luke Clark to a wide open Chase Whitehead, and Indians within 3.

Mosley trying to just run out the clock in the first half, but its Rebstock coughing up the ball with about 30 seconds left in the half, and the Indians cash in that blank check. Clark through the air to the tight end, and Phillip Sherman gives the Indians a 17-13 lead at half...

And that momentum carried over to the second half, Choctaw scored on a short TD pass to Devin Borders to open the second half, and on their second possession it's Josh LeMay, cutting back at midfield and running past the defense for the 31-13 lead...

Choctaw runs away from the Dolphins in the second half on its way to a 45-19 win. Indians now 3-1 in District Mosley falls to 1-2.

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