Choctaw. comes east to take on Mosley in a boy's soccer match Monday night.

Panama City, FL--We begin on the high school soccer front, and a boy's match Monday night between the Choctaw Indians and Mosley Dolphins. Those two squads going at in the cold, damp, misty air around Tommy Oliver Stadium. Choctaw. in all green, on the attack in the first half, first the throw in from the corner, ball gets kicked up in the air in front of the goal, Mosley keeper Josh Duncan comes down with it. A bit later though, Choctaw junior Michael Lightbourne with a nice move in front, turns it around, launches it, a deflection off a defender, nothing Duncan can do about that, one nothing Indians. Lightbourne later scores with a even longer shot, making it 2-zip, Mosley trying to counter those goals, but they could not get anything past the Choctaw goalie in the first 40 minutes, they did find the back of the net in the second half, but that would be all the scoring, it ends 2-1 Choctaw.

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