Chris Baker of Indiana is one of the young hopefuls looking to play his way past a second stage PGA Tour Qualifier this week at the Hombre.


Panama City Beach, FL--To golf and that second stage PGA Tour Qualifier set for the Hombre this week. Some 74 players gunning for what's likely to be 20 spots in the final stage, some are guys that have played on the tour for some years, but have lost their tour exemption. Others are middle agers who've been kicking around other tours, still dreaming of the big time.
And then there's the group of youngsters. Up and comers if you will, in the early stages of their professional careers. Guys like Chris Baker here of Brownstown, Indiana.
He's 24 and making his third pass through Q-school. He's yet to make it past the second stage, but not for a lack of time, work, effort and travel, he's doing all he can to make his dream come true.

Chris Baker
PGA Tour hopeful

"It's very interesting, this year I've been everywhere from South Carolina, to Kazakhstan, of all places. Spent 11 weeks in Europe, about the same over here in the states. East coast E Golf Tour, played there all year, but it's just, week in week out you're always working. Trying to find a hotel here, a hotel there, trying to find food, you know guys like me, we're just starting out, so we don't have a whole lot of money like some of the big names that are coming back."

First tee times Wednesday set for 7:40, Chris starts at 8:10.

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