Coach Painter Says She Remains In The Dark As To Her Suspension

Panama City, FL---There seems to be no change in the status of Gulf Coast softball head coach Susan Painter and assistant coach Ryan Ellingsworth.

Gulf Coast President Dr. Jim Kerley telling us Wednesday afternoon the investigation into why the two coaches were put on paid administrative leave is ongoing.

The coaches informed of their suspensions late last week.

Dr. Kerley says college administrators are still interviewing students, and he wants to meet soon with the two coaches, to give them an opportunity to give their side, their point of view, to make sure the investigation is thorough.

Dr. Kerley adds he can't say more at this time, but says he's hoping the school will be able to give specifics to all this in the near future.

I also spoke Wednesday with Coach Painter who told me she is still is in the dark as to why she was suspended.

She also told me this is a very difficult time for her but she's receiving a great deal of support from her Panhandle colleagues, former players Gulf Coast boosters and friends. She says that's given her a great deal of comfort.