Coach Scovel Coming Back to Gulf Coast Women's Basketball Program

Panama City, FL---It's certainly not taken A.D. Greg Wolfe to fill the women's basketball coaching vacancy created by Vernette's Skeete's departure to Marquette last week.

And as it happens, Wolfe and Gulf Coast are looking to Hall of Famer Roonie Scovel to carry the program forward, at least in the short term.

The college Monday afternoon releasing a statement announcing coach Scovel is taking over as interim head coach effective Wednesday.

Scovel coached Gulf Coast for 16 seasons, was very successful, racking up conference, state and even national championships with apparent ease. Then in 2012 decided to walk away, citing some family priorities and saying it was just the right time to leave. She spent a year in the school's guidance department, then this past year coached middle school ball.

I spoke with her shortly after getting this news, she says she's excited to be coming back. As she put it Gulf Coast was her family for 17 years, and "leaving for a year made her miss that family and she's ready to get back to it."

Coach Scovel says she's happy to be able to help the transition in the wake of coach Skeete's departure. As for how long she might stay in the job, she told me she'll take it one day at a time, and she's ready to get to work Wednesday. With a new president, incoming recruits and returning players to meet with, and two scholarships still to fill, there's plenty of work ahead, but Scovel tells me she's excited to be part of dealing with all these challenges.