Bobby Bowden visits Bay County to sign copies of his latest book

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla- Coach Bowden was in Panama City Beach signing copies of his book "Called to Coach" Wednesday night at University Gifts and Apparel at Pier Park.

Coach Bowden talked about the recent news that Urban Meyer is stepping down as Florida's head coach.

"Well it's surprising to me and then again it's not. Last year he said he was getting out, and came back. I would think that this time he's thought it over pretty good, so I would think this time it's final," said Bowden. "I can't see him changing his mind again. If he does won't nobody ever believe him again, you know it. But I think Urban, I'm sure, well at least I feel it's because of his health."

Bowden will also sign copies of his book at the University Gifts and Apparel in Panama City Mall Thursday.

We'll hear about Coach Bowden's first year of retirement, what it was like watching FSU games on the tube, and also about touring the country to promote the book later this week.

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