College Football

To college ball and the SEC, the secondary game in that league if you will, behind the 'bama-South Carolina game. It's the Gators hosting LSU, both hoping to recoup some national respect. The Tigers still unbeaten but trying to put behind them an incredibly ugly finish to the win over Tennessee.
The Gators trying to show fans and themselves for that matter, the
¶blowout loss in Tuscaloosa wasn't who they are! Perhaps a way to prove that, become more of a pass first kind of offense, set Brantley loose, and not center the attack on that read option run game which doesn't seem to be working these days.

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach
¶"There's reason to evaluate that. I'm not sure we are willing to (retool). We have to play to our defense. Our job is to go win that game. If that means a much higher percentage of passing, then we will do that. If it means managing the game, then we will manage the game.
That's kind of what we have done around here. I think we are getting a little better throwing the ball. We did not play very well.
Two weeks ago, we played very well throwing the ball against Kentucky.
That certainly wasn't the answer in this game, throwing it all over.
We didn't play well."

You wonder if Brantley's confidence was shaken last Saturday. We'll see against LSU, game time in the Swamp 7:30 eastern.