Collin Myrick Wins Taylor Haugen Award

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FREEPORT, FL- The Taylor Haugen Foundation has named Collin Myrick the 4th recipient of the Taylor Haugen Award and scholarship.

Myrick is a senior at Freeport High School. Taylor's parents, Brian and Kathy, who started the Foundation to memorialize their son, on hand for the presentation at Freeport.

Myrick is a standout student athlete who plays baseball, basketball, and track. He's an honors student who's very active in student government, and community service.

"This is one honor I really wanted since I was a freshman. The accident happened when I was a freshman, and it really hit home," Myrick said. "I feel like I embody all the core values that is bestowed upon the Taylor Haugen Foundation. I'm really just so blessed to have received such and honor and a privilege."

Brian Haugen, Taylor's dad, believes Collin is the perfect recipient of the award this year.

"We're really just blessed that Collin just did an outstanding job. He's such a demonstrative character in and of himself," Brian Haugen said. "There's so many similar traits between Collin and our son that we're just thrilled to welcome him to our family."

Myrick also one of just 12 Wendy's High School Heisman finalists, so he's getting used to this kind of recognition.

Taylor Haugen you may recall was the 15 year old J.V. receiver at Niceville who died after sustaining an internal injury during a jamboree football game in August of 2008.

The Foundation that bears his name was established to recognize outstanding student athletes who are leaders in their faith, at the their school, and in the community.

Myrick will officially receive the Trophy at the 43rd Annual All Sports Award Dinner at the Emerald Coast Conference Center on February 17th.

For more on the Taylor Haugen Foundation visit their website with the link below.

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