Come the end of February, David Barron will no longer be the head football coach and A.D. at South Walton High School.

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South Walton, FL-- To prep football and we now know for certain, come the end of the month, David Barron will no longer be the head football coach and athletic director at South Walton High School. The Walton County School board took no action at it's meeting Monday concerning Barron's one year contract, in other words, the Board let it expire, meaning when this year's contract ends on February 28th, Barron is out of those jobs. This comes in the wake of Barron being charged with a felony count of assault against one of his players, the allegation in a Sheriff's office report states Barron struck a player twice throat in a fit of anger during practice. That report also states Barron was teaching his players a so called throat-thrust technique used to strike opposing players during games. In 6 seasons at the helm, Barron led the Seahawks to their first winning season, first district title and first playoff win. As for filling the positions, South Walton principal David Preast says he'll begin that process at the end of the month when they are officially vacant.

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