Commodores Open 2014 with Win

Panama City, FL---The Gulf Coast Commodores among the area softball and baseball teams celebrating opening play this weekend, in fact, their opener at ten Friday morning against Darton out of Albany Georgia.

In the highlights attached above, Freshman Matt Foster, the opening day start. Top one, man on second, Matt ends the frame with his second strikeout.

Bottom of the first, Rutherford alum Dondrayas Harris leads off with a solo shot to right center, tough to follow the ball in that morning sky, but believe it, it went out.

Bottom two another solo shot, this time off the bat of Chandler Durham, a line shot to left.

Darton would actually rally from there to take a 3-2 lead, but GC gets five in the sixth to win 7-3.

They're back in action playing Gordon State now.