Could Tide be Ireland Bound in Near Future?

Dublin, Ireland----We know the Crimson Tide faithful are devout and will travel great distances to see their football team play. Will they go across the pond to Ireland though?

The Irish news website "The Score" is reporting that Alabama is indeed interested in playing a game in Ireland.

Dublin's Coke Park, a large stadium has hosted American football before, including last year's Emerald Isle Classic between Notre Dame and Navy.

The folks there say they're interested in hosting more American football and "The Score" says talks are underway to host games in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Alabama is among four teams mentioned in the article as being interested in playing there, along with Notre Dame, Penn State and UCF.

In fact Central Florida and Penn State are reportedly set to announce they will play a 2014 game in Dublin in the next day or so.