County Rivals Mosley and Rutherford Collide Friday Night

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Panama City, FL --- Fridaynight at Tommy Oliver, Mosley and Rutherford will face off in our Personal Attention Dental Care Game of the Week.

The Dolphins are still holding out the slimmest of hopes of making the playoffs while the Rams are playing for county pride at this point.

Two common foes, they share a familiarity, a county, a district, and a will to win.

"The one thing about going into a rivalry game is you know you can talk about Rutherford gave up a lot of points, so are we,", said Mosley Head Coach Jeremy Brown. "They're good on offense, so are we. You can throw all that out the window because these cats want to play against each other. They're friends, they see each other on the weekends, they hang. We're excited to compete and I know they are too."

Despite their 1-6 record, the Rams know the "W" will go to who wants it more.

"Guys are still upbeat. I'm upbeat," said Rutherford Head Coach Alvin Dempsey. "It's been a pretty good season. We've played some tough ball teams you know. At this time the guys need to be hungry enough to come in and play a tough ball game against Mosley."

Rutherford will never quit. Not with star QB Dallas Davis at the helm.

"He's been a leader in everything he's done. He never let's these guys get down. They support one another, he's been phenomenal for the football team."

"You think about Rutherford, Dallas Davis jumps out at you. He's one of the top quarterbacks in the state. Running it and throwing it. We're gonna have our work cut out for us trying to stop him."

The Dolphins don't just want the win. They want revenge.

"Rutherford beat us last fall, they beat us in the spring, only for a quarter but they beat us. Then they beat us again in the Classic, so we're shooting an oh-fer right now. Hopefully that's what our kids see, and think hey man we need to go out and beat 'em. Alvin I know he's a master motivator and I know he's gonna have his kids ready to play and so are we."