Danny Wuerffel Helps Out Alma Mater

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Destin, FL-- Former Heisman Winner Danny Wuerffel was on hand for the first ever "Danny Cup" hosted by the Fort Walton Beach Touchdown Club at Emerald Bay.

Danny was also giving a hand on the 8th tee box where he would hit a celebrity shot for every group.

Now as he was in between shots we got a chance to ask him about his involvement with his Alma Mater,

"Well I'm excited to get the chance to be a part of an event here that helps the Fort Walton Beach Football Program. Honestly, I was the beneficiary of a lot of other people's hard work for years and years ago and that was instrumental in my life. So, it's fun to be out here it's a beautiful day and it's amazing how well it's doing for a first year tournament."

The tournament turned out more than successful as the Touchdown Club was expecting more than 50 thousand dollars to go towards all Fort Walton Beach High School sports.