Did Seminoles Lose Nearly 500 Grand in ACC Championship

Tallahassee, FL---It seems incredible a team can actually lose a big chunk of cash playing in it's conference championship game. That does appear to be the case in terms of Florida State's ACC title game win over Georgia Tech.

The school's income statement from the ACC title game shows FSU lost 478 thousand dollars on that trip.

The bulk of the loss coming from the fact more than 90 percent of the tickets to that game in Charlotte went unsold.

Warchant.com reporting the ACC gave each division winner 10,000 tickets to sell.

Florida State reportedly sold just 2,033 tickets to the game it won 21-15. Although the ACC helped cover some of the expense after the first 6,000 tickets which are all Florida State's responsibility, FSU's final expense on unsold tickets was $440,491.

An ACC spokesman told Warchant the league is already trying to figure out a system that prevents any team from taking such a financial hit from appearing in the championship game. And in fact the league may relieve Florida State of the financial hit from last year's game.