Dolphins Making Use of Extra Time Off Before State Finals

Lynn Haven, FL---The Mosley Dolphins continue to work through a bit of an odd baseball postseason break.

After winning their first three state playoff games, all on the road by the way, in a span of a week and a half, the Dolphins with another week and a half before playing in the state semifinals.

That's given coach Todd Harless the chance to give his guys some rest, and extra time for exams.

At the same time he's aware baseball's a game of momentum, and giving that last win in Jacksonville was a thrilling comeback victory, well waiting around to play again, not necessarily welcome, so says coach Harless.

"Everybody coming off their last game is gonna be on a little bit of a roll. But the Dolphins would have preferred to play that next Monday, after the roll we were on after being down 6-0 and having the miracle comeback. Because our emotions and just the momentum would have been going."

Mosley senior Logan Quimuyog feels like the team's been making very good use of the extra time before the trip to Fort Myers.

"We've been working really hard the last couple weeks at practice. Coach has been treating it like it's the first day all over again. So we're just trying to stay in our routine and do our thing. Keep the pressure off of us and just relax and play, get ready for the big game."

Outfielder Jordan Larry agrees with that thinking. "The last two days we've been grinding, working hard. He's trying to take the pressure off of us. We've been seeing fast pitching, in b.p .to get used to the speed that we're gonna be seeing next week."

The Dolphins getting set to face Tampa King ace Brett Morales who's a high school All-American and Florida signee who struck out 17 in their region final win.

The Dolphins though with some pretty good arms of their own, Austin Bizzle, Joey Hair and Andrew Deramo lead a very good staff indeed that has pitched well all season.

The 'fins travel Monday, play King Wednesday at one eastern.