Dont'a Hightower talks about team leadership and how some of the older Tide players are going out of their way to bring along the newcomers at Alabama.

Tuscaloosa, AL-- In Tuscaloosa Saban and the Tide work through their final day of two a day practice sessions. The QB. spot remains a battle between McCarron and Sims, Saban still not tipping his hand on that one. Regardless of who takes the snap, you get the sense the Tide's going to be very, very good this season. Certainly there's a ton of talent on that roster, and a lot of leadership from the guys who've been in Saban's system awhile. Those leaders apparently going out of their way to tutor the newcomers.

Hightower said,"We have all different leaders in different positions, you know. Mark Barron, Trent with the running backs, Josh Chapman with the D-line. So everybody has that alpha dog in each position so they know how to act in the meeting room, in the team room. They know what we expect from 'em. When they go on the field everybody kind of knows we're not playing, there's a time to play and have fun and there's a time when we're serious."

The Tide with another scrimmage Saturday, they'll open up on September 3rd at home against Kent State.

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