Driskel Talks About Decision Making

Gainesville, FL--Call it another huge road test for Will Muschamp and his 18th ranked Gators as they prepare for a trip to Knoxville Saturday to face number 23 Tennessee.

Florida coming off the come from behind win in College Station, with qb Jeff Driskel hitting on 13 of 16 passes for a 162 yards, and rushing for another 54 yards.

He did however take 8 sacks, mainly because he simply held on to the ball way too long.

Suffice it to say he's hearing about that from the coaches this week.....big time!

"And just knowing that you don't have to make a play every time, don't be scared to throw the ball away and live another day." Driskel telling reporters Monday. "So I've learned from that, took to many sacks and most of them were on me. So learning to throw the ball away or get the ball out quicker. We'll be focused on that a lot. And we know that Tennessee's gonna come at me a lot because we put on film that I'm susceptible to hold on to the ball too long. Or try to get outside and not throw it away. But I'll get better at that. The first game and the second game are learning experiences and I'll get better from there."

The Gators go into that game with serious injury concerns. Defensive starters linebacker Jelani Jenkins and corner Cody Riggs are out.

Running back Mike Gillislee who has 3 of Florida's 6 touchdowns so far is nursing a strained groin muscle. He is practicing though.

That Florida defense will be facing a hot Tennessee quarterback. Tyler Bray has started 45 of 61 for 643 yards, or 321 a game, with 6 touchdowns.

All that leading to big wins over N.C. State and Georgia State.

Game time at Neyland set for 5 central, the Gators currently three point underdogs in that one.