Driskel Talks About the Use of the "Hurry Up" by the Gator Offense

Gainesville, FL---The Florida Gators are ready for their next test, and into the first of two games they should win handily, they host Louisiana Lafayette Saturday.

Florida coming off yet another unimpressive performance by the offense, which struggled to put up 14 on the home turf against Missouri.

Florida began the game in a hurry up, no huddle attack. It didn't work like they hoped it would and it seems as if Jeff Driskel's not a fan of starting the game in the hurry up mode.

"It's something we've worked on a lot and we like it a lot. But you've got to get going before you kind of get into that. It's hard to just go into that without getting into a groove. Because we want to give the defense a break sometimes, it's tough for them to be on the field. You know if you go no huddle and go three and out then they're right back on the field. So you kind of gotta get in a groove and kind of feel it out as the game goes."

Louisiana Lafayette comes in 5-3, 3-2 in the Sun Belt. That game in the Swamp set for 11 on our CW network.

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