"Duder" Talks About Freshman Season with Auburn Swim Program

Michael Duderstadt of Auburn competes in 200 yard breaststroke prelim during Men's Division One Championship at Texas Swimming Center in Austin, TX, on March 29, 2014.
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Panama City Beach, FL---It's safe to say Mosley alum Michael Duderstadt is making a serious splash for the Auburn swim program.

Coming off his first year in collegiate swimming, Duder's achievements put him on par with some of the nation's best.

Coming out of Mosley, Duderstadt had open lanes of opportunity at the collegiate level.

Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, and Florida State all pushed hard to land the star known as "Duder". Try as they might, they couldn't beat his top choice.

"I mean, it's definitely like a blessing to be able to have the opportunity to swim at Auburn." Duderstadt told Greg Brzozowski before a swim workout at Frank Brown Park recently. "Probably the greatest experience of my life just being at Auburn my first year. It was more than I ever expected it would be and it's like the coaches, the team, everyone's just been great.Even people I meet on campus are just great."

So, that's all great, but what's the best part of being a Tiger?

"The team atmosphere at Auburn really." Michael responds quickly. "Everyone just really embraces your goals, takes your goals, knows your goals, and wants you to achieve your goals. And that's how I am with everyone else."

Duder set himself up for success back when he worked at home with the Panama City Swim Team. But at Auburn, his coaches are pushing him to new extremes.

"The biggest difference was the intensity. We're all a little bit older, so the coaches can be a little more intense with us and you can focus on more of your individual strokes and individual talents. Where as PCST, you're broadening your base, which is a great thing, which is definitely what you need when you're younger. I'm real excited for everything that we're doing up there, they're doing with me, they work really well with me to develop all my different strokes and everything."

After a freshman season where he earned titles like All SEC and All American, Michael says just wait to see what he does in year two.

"I really love getting faster and I love - I'm a competitor.I'll be honest, I love competing so I think that's what really drives me. I hate losing. So that also helps. I achieved all my goals freshman year. Obviously the goals are set higher now. So I'm really looking forward to the coming years.

Duder keeping in shape with several meets this summer, including this weekend's Coastal Aquatic Long Course at Frank Brown.