Duderstadt Takes Part in Olympic Swim Trials Heat

Omaha, NE---Some five weeks ago Mosley senior to be and Panama City Swim Team member Michael Duderstadt qualifed for the U.S. Olympic Swim Team trials.

So he had five weeks to train, and mentally prepare himself for his shot in the pool Thursday morning in Omaha Nebraska.

Michael among the 134 swimmers who qualified for the many heats in the 200 meter breaststroke, the top 16 times would
advance to two semifinals, and the top 8 of the semi's make it to the finals, with the best two in the final making the Olympic squad.

So tall odds for the 17 year old local, who swam in the second of the 14 heats. He raced his second best 200 ever, at 2:22:08, but that was not fast enough to advance to the semifinals.

Of the 16 making it to the semi's, 2:13:86 was the slowest time, so Michael some 8 seconds plus off the pace. We spoke with Michael's PC Swim Team coach Jonathan Kaplan shortly after Michael's heat and he talked about that swim and the overall experience Duderstadt's going through this week.

"He had a very good race." said Kapaln. "He was right on pace for his best time all the way up through the first three laps. And then on the final lap he fell just a little bit off pace and ended up with his second best time ever. He really pushed himself to the limit. It's really hard to hold on to resting for five different weeks and continue to come back to get the same emotion and excitement. I think he's pretty exhausted at this point. Not only is he getting a tremendous amount of experience at the higher level, high pressure meets, he's able to see what the best athletes do so when he has the chance to come back in four years he's gonna be very disciplined and understand how to swim his very best."

Coach Kaplan says July 1st is the first day college recruiters can speak with incoming high school seniors, and several recruiters have lined up to speak with Michael starting Sunday. It's likely he'll soon have offers from several major swim programs in front of him.