ECBC Expected to Feature Million Dollar Purse Again

Sandestin, FL---We're now just a week from the 11th annual Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic.

Tournament director Shawna Harris tells us they're now up to 67 boats for that event next week, and that means it's very likely the E-C-B-C will once again be a million dollar fishing tournament!

"The average spend per boat is well over 20 thousand dollars just in entry fees." says Harris "Not including what they're gonna spend just to be here you know, hotel rooms, fuel, ice. All kinds of stuff that they're taking just to get prepared to go into the Gulf. Well we want to give away a lot of money, we want a lot of winners. And we love having that million purse and we're looking forward to having that again this year."

Again despite a fleet of just 32 boats because of bad weather, two tourney records fell last June. Travis Dorland caught a 783 pound Blue Marlin aboard "Done Deal" and "Testing the Water" hauled in a 190 pound tuna.

The fleet departs next Thursday, the weigh ins at Baytowne Marina next Friday and Saturday nights.