EJ "Anxious" as the Clemson Game Approaches

Tallahassee, FL--Not since last year's visit from Oklahoma has there been a big game atmosphere in Tallahassee. This week that big time atmosphere is back as number 4 Florida State prepares to host number 10 Clemson!

EJ Manuel perhaps the most excited player on either squad heading into that game, since he had to watch from the sidelines last year as the Seminoles lost in Clemson thanks to his shoulder injury.

"Extremely anxious, there's a huge rivalry between Florida State and Clemson. They're gonna be a great team, a great defense, a great offense. They're gonna score points just like we are and we are gonna have to combat that. The fact that I'm a hundred percent healthy, not hurt anymore, the shoulder is fine and all that kind of stuff, so I'm excited about it."

Kickoff at Doak Campbell set for just after 8 eastern, FSU still favored by two touchdowns.