EJ Manuel back to practice at Florida State.

Tallahassee, FL-- The Seminoles are coming off the bye week, during which they had to stew about back to back losses to Oklahoma and Clemson. The 'noles losing their starting qb. in their big game a couple of weeks ago, but now it looks like EJ's shoulder is better and Monday morning talked about how he's ready to return.

EJ Manuel
FSU Quarterback

"Feeling a whole lot better than I was two weeks ago this time. The range of motion, my strength, all that stuff is back, so I'm good, I'm excited to get back out to practice. I missed it you know. When you get away from the grind and just being out there with your teammates you just start feeling guilty and feel like you might be letting your team down and things like that so I'm definitely excited to be back out today."

At least Jimbo knows he can rely on backup Clint Trickett because he certainly played well at Clemson, in fact well enough to lead the team to a win, only the defense didn't show up. The game at Wake Saturday set for 11:30 central.

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