EJ Manuel seems very confident as he looks ahead to leading the FSU offense come the Fall!

Pinehurst, NC--The ACC wrapping up it's two days of preseason football chatter in Pinehurst North Carolina Monday. EJ Manuel taking to the mikes to talk to the assembled press Sunday and suffice it to say EJ's confident about the offense he's going to lead this Fall!

EJ Manuel
FSU Quarterback

"We have the potential to be great, maybe one of the greatest offenses which has been at FSU, which says a lot! Because we've had a lot of talent here. But we have the opportunity to do that. We're 6 deep at running back, we're 8 deep at receiver. So I think the fact that we have such great depth will go a long way for us."

FSU by the way voted by the media up there to beat Virginia Tech in the conference championship. First time FSU's a preseason favorite to win the ACC since oh-5.

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