EJ Manuel talks about his less than stellar performance in FSU's Garnet and Gold game Saturday.

Tallahassee, FL--For those fans who live and breathe college football in our area, well we're now officially into the "wait until August mode"
Auburn, 'bama, Florida and Florida State all finished up with their Spring practices, scrimmages and Spring games. For the most part, all showed some weaknesses coming out of Spring, mainly on the offensive side of the ball as those programs all have some big holes to fill on offense.
At FSU, EJ Manuel taking over for Ponder at quarterback, EJ did not have a particulary strong showing Saturday in the Garnet and Gold game. He missed on 20 of his 37 throws, did have the one td pass but also threw a couple of interceptions including a pick six to Greg Reid. Jimbo Fisher quick to point out afterwards the offensive line was missing key players like Datko, Spurlock and Sanders, and that allowed the defenses to dominate. Manuel though disappointed in his performance.

EJ Manuel
FSU Quarterback
"You know obviously I'm upset because we didn't win, I didn't play as good as I wanted to. But at the same time we didn't take an "L" on the charts, anything like that. This is just a practice game. So we're definitely going back to the drawing board, watch some more film and get ready for the season."

As for Jimbo, he's getting set for his booster club tour which brings him to Panama City Beach this Friday, he'll attend the golf outing at the Hombre Golf Club then speak at the dinner Friday night at Majestic. And oh by the way, Spring drills for area high schools begin Saturday!

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