EJ Manuel talks about rebounding from some early troubles during FSU's scrimmage Monday.

Tallahassee, FL--To college football now and the Seminoles are coming off their first scrimmage of the Spring. That taking place Monday afternoon at Doak. Coach Fisher not allowing any of the scrimmage to be videotaped, so this some of the warmup beforehand. We're told the offense made some mistakes early, the defense dominated, but then EJ Manuel rallied that first string offense, eventually putting up three td passes, two to Bay alum Bert Reed. For Manuel, it's another step in the maturation process of a young q-b.

EJ Manuel
FSU Quarterback

"Yeah that's definitely, something you have to grow, you have to learn from. I know when I was a freshman, I would get frustrated because i was so used to doing well all the time. This time of year, you're always going to make mistakes, the defense gets the upper hand some of the time, and I think being able to bounce back, because in the game it's gonna happen, so being ablet to bounce back is everything."

Fisher has another scrimmage scheduled for Saturday, still no word if that too will be off limits to the cameras, let's hope not. FSU will wrap Spring with the Garnet and Gold game on the 16th.