Evertyhing on the Line in This Year's Iron Bowl

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Tuscaloosa, AL --- There's so much on the line in this year's Iron Bowl, you can just about call that game at Auburn Saturday a national championship quarterfinal.

The 11-0 Tide at 10-1 Auburn.

The entire state shuts down to watch this one and witness one of the most intense rivalries in any sport.

Alabama Quarterback AJ McCarron seems like he has a pretty good handle on all of that.

"I think the biggest thing is people need to realize that it's just another game," says McCarron. "It's just another Saturday. I don't know how many game of the centuries you can possibly play in but we've played in quite a few, I know myself so. I think that's the biggest thing, try not to pay attention to what everybody else is saying about it, their expectations on the game and stuff like that. Just go out and play your game, you'll be fine."

The Tide's won 3 of the last 4 Iron Bowls. Before that, Auburn won 6 in a row. This time around Alabama's favored by 10. That game kicks off at 2:30 central Saturday on our sister station WECP.