Experts say there's a chance the trees at Toomer's Corner may in fact survive!

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AUBURN, Ala. (AP) -- The ailing oaks at Toomer's Corner are a mottled mix of yellow and brown these days, but experts say there's still a chance the trees will be in good enough shape for Auburn football fans to roll them with toilet paper after wins this fall.
It's been about five months since school officials confirmed that the landmark trees had been poisoned, and a University of Alabama fan is now awaiting trial in the attack.
Auburn horticulturist Gary Keever says the trees may be dying. But no one on the team that's trying to save them is ready to say they won't survive.
Auburn football fans traditionally roll the trees with toilet paper after victories, and Keever says the oaks might be in good enough condition for that to occur if they're still alive in the fall.