FSU Hosts Wake Saturday

Tallahassee, FL---After a couple of easy "walk throughs" if you will, the Seminoles are getting set for their first test in division one play.

Not only will Saturday's game at Wake be the first true competition of the season, it also marks a move from late afternoon starts where it's much cooler, to a midday start where it's expected to be just a bit warmer.

"That's why we scrimmage at 12:30 every day." FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher told the media this week. "That's why our scrimmages were at 12:30 all the way through fall camp. Go back and look at it, every scrimmage we had and a lot of the things we did were at noon. That's our kids favorite time to play, they like playing at noon. I mean they like the night game environment, but the kids they like to get up, get going, get out and play just like they do in practice a lot. Early morning games and feel very comfortable in that and we made a big emphasis of that in camp."

Kickoff at Doak set for noon eastern, and it should certainly be an advantage for the Seminoles, especially given how well rested the team is after the first two games. FSU favored by 28.